"Quality First”

Kn1 is a Brazilian brand, born of passion for the production of safe and effective cosmetics

We have been working in the field of beauty & cosmetics to treat all hair problems for over 15 years.

With years of professional manufacturing experience in hair care products, we have spent large amounts of time and money on research to ensure you 100% qualified products in the field of smoothing products.

This professional hair brand has been added to our scope of business after in-depth analysis of the products together with deep market research.

Our products have been very successful in the market and around the world proving to be one of the most effective and the most innovative smoothing hair treatments.

Our Main Goal

Is to provide the best, safest , and most innovative smoothing treatments that are revolutionary in the field of beauty and cosmetics in order to

help all our clients achieve a healthy and beautiful hair that i frizz free, smooth, and shiny.

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